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    Collectors Edition Toys                
1/16   4440 Tractor "Prestige" (Ertl)   NIB   2015   45487   $81.00
1/16   3020/4020 50th Anniversary Collector Tractor Set (Ertl)   NIB   2013   TBE45402A  

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1/32   S690 Combine "Prestige" (Ertl)   NIB   2013   TBE45310   $80.00
1/16   4640 Tractor "Prestige" (Ertl)   NIB
Really Nice For The Money
  2012   TBE45374   $76.00
1/16   430 2-Cylinder Tractor "Prestige" (Ertl)   NIB
Close Up Of Detail
  2011   TBE45298   $48.00
1/16   4010 Narrow Front Tractor "Prestige" (Ertl)   NIB Close Up Of Detail   2010   TBE45270  

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1/16   Model B Tractor Collector Edition W/DVD (Ertl)   NIB   2010   TBE45157A   $65.00
1/16   Model A Tractor Collector Edition W/DVD (Ertl)   NIB   2009   TBE45057A  

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1/16   4520 Tractor Collector Edition Tractor W/DVD (Ertl)   NIB   2009   TBE45056A   See Clearance Page
1/16   430 LP Gas Tractor Dealer Edition (Ertl)   NIB
Really Nice For The Money
  2009   TBE15085   $46.00
1/32   9560R Tractor "Prestige"   NIB   2014   TBE45309   $50.00
1/32   8430 4WD Collector's Edition Tractor W/Blade, Duals and CD (Ertl)   NIB
Very Nice
  2007   TBE15896A  

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1/32   6125R Tractor "Prestige" (Ertl)   NIB   2013   TBE45369   $30.00
1/16   720 Hi Crop Tractor Collector's Edition   NIB   1990   PM5610DA  

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1/16   730 Tractor Collector's Edition (Ertl)   NIB 
  2006   TBE15820A   $66.00
1/16   730 Wide Front Tractor W/Rear Blade "Prestige" (Ertl)   NIB       45297   $82.50
1/16   5010 Tractor "Prestige" (Ertl)   NIB       45442   $85.00
1/16   720 Narrow Front Tractor "Prestige" (Ertl)   NIB   2015   45080   $65.00
1/16   Model G Tractor on Steel Wheels "Prestige" (Ertl)   NIB   2015   45453   $48.50
1/16   Model AOS Orchard Tractor "Prestige" (Ertl)   NIB       TBE45454   $42.00
1/16   5020 Tractor 40th Anniversary Edition (Ertl)   NIB   2006   15881   $210.00
    NIB= New In Box                


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