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    Shelf Model Toys            
1/16   40 Wide Front Tractor (Ertl)   NIB   TBE45227   $33.00
1/16   320 Wide Front Tractor (Ertl)   NIB   TBE45219   $26.50
1/16   Model D Tractor (Ertl)   NIB   TBE15808   $33.00
1/16   530 Narrow Front Tractor (Ertl)   NIB   TBE15908   $37.00
1/16   730 Narrow Front Tractor (Ertl)   NIB   TBE15821   $38.50
1/16   3020 Wide Front Tractor (Ertl)   NIB   TBE45469   $50.00
1/16   3020 Tractor W/4 Bottom Plow (Ertl)   NIB   TBE45148   $37.00
1/16   4020 Tractor W/Roll Guard (Ertl)   NIB   TBE15480   $44.00
1/16   5420 Tractor W/Loader (Ertl)   NIB   TBE15357   $47.00
1/32   J & M Grain Cart (Ertl)   NIB   TBE45178   $26.50
1/16   Disk (Ertl)   NIB   TBE45060   $19.00
1/16   3600 Plow 6 Bottom (Ertl)   NIB   TBE45302   $30.00
1/16   6 Row Corn Planter  (Ertl)   NIB   TBE15825   $40.00
1/16   323D Skid Steer Loader (Ertl) Prestige   NIB   TBE45104   $61.00
1/16   1590 Grain Drill (Ertl)   NIB   TBE45350   $41.00
1/16   Hay Elevator W/4 Bales (Ertl)   NIB   TBE12963   $29.00
1/16   348 Square Baler   NIB   TBE45220   $31.00
1/16   567 Round Baler (Ertl)   NIB   TBE15689   $37.00
1/16   Gator 850XI   NIB   TBE15932   $23.50
1/32   S690 Combine   NIB   TBE45310   $83.00
    NIB= New In Box            


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